Soulkeeper by David Dalglish

Soulkeeper is an epic fantasy with a huge amount of heart.

I really loved Devin as a a protagonist. He’s a bit of an old fashioned hero. He has kindness in him, unwavering intent and the character to make the right choice over the easy choice. As a Soulkeeper and it is his job to shepherd spirits into the next life where the embrace of the Three Sisters awaits. Every night there is a time of reaping where, if the circumstances are correct, he can usher glowing balls of lights that are physical manifestations of the souls of those departed up into the sky.

The story kicks off quite quickly with the discovery of an ancient creature that forces him to question the validity of his beliefs specifically the place of his gods in the universe. Through his travels he meets more creatures, some friendly some not so friendly, gains some companions and reconnects with his sister and her family. As he and his friends prepare to face down an almighty evil that is growing in threat things just kick up into an entirely different gear. The battle scenes are breathtaking and feel authentic with the tone changing just at the right moments to keep the reader off balance but engaged.

I couldn't put this book down. It’s absolutely smashing fantasy that hits all the right notes. 9/10

Thanks to Orbit for sending me a copy.

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