Review Policy


I am happy to review books from both published and non published authors and will post reviews on my own site, Goodreads and Amazon. I don't use an e-reader so will only accept hard copies. You can get my address by dming me on Twitter at @areadingmachine


I also review for both The Fantasy Hive and Fantasy Faction and will often submit a review to them if it is something I really enjoyed or something I think will really benefit from the exposure the bigger sites get.


 I will do my best to read something if it has an impending release date but other than that my choices are made according to what I want to catch up on and what's caught me eye. I enjoy Science Fiction and Fantasy as well as Military/wartime fiction and non fiction.


If I dont finish a book, I generally don't rate it, but I will leave a review saying why I did not finish. I prefer to do this rather than leave a low rating as I don't want to negatively affect anyone's chances of getting their work out there.


You can contact me at