Where do you buy your books?


www.bookdespository.com - Free shipping and allows me to get my hands on the UK covers I so often desire. Excellent customer service ensures anything damaged in transit is quickly replaced with minimum fuss.

www.Abebooks.com - Marketplace for independent sellers and bookshops. Used and New and enough Filters to ensure you should find whatever you are after. You will find accurately priced books here and the odd good deal especially if you look for the bookstores having sales. You can often grab a whole bunch of stuff with minimal shipping.


www.vjbooks.com - Specialises in new books and signed first editions. Excellent customer service. If there is a book coming out and you want a signed first edition you can often pre order or if they have no plans to pre buy you can contact them and they will look at getting it in for you. I find this a good place to look if the book you have just discovered and want a signed first ed of, has been out for a few months already. Their shipping is exceptional.


http://www.mystgalaxy.com/ - Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego. They get lots of signings and are a true independant bookshop.


The Signed Page - Run by Shawn Speakman, he has unique and often double signed editions of new Sci-fi and Fantasy.


Goldsboro Books - Often doing limited editions and based in the UK if you like having the UK edition of your favourite fantasy book this is a great place to shop. Can wind up expensive but hey you get what you paid for


www.Albris.com - Does not use very good packaging when shipping I've found.


www.bookfinder.com - This site will bring up all the marketplace locations for any book you want.



The only place I have had terrible dealings with was Premiere Collectibles. In my experience shipping was slow, customer service was almost non existent and both books, the original and the replacement, showed up damaged. The damage didn't happen in shipping they just packed and sent me shitty quality books with banged up corners and tears in the dust jacket. I didn't bother trying a third time and would recommend you don't bother trying at all.