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My name is Charlie Hopkins and I was born with a book in my hand. My grandfather thought I was a genius because I could read complete books at ridiculously young age. He did not know that I had simply been demanding my parents read them to me again and again until I had the whole thing memorised including when to turn the page. As a kid I would be late for breakfast because I was reading whilst trying to put my socks on, yet for some reason I distinctly remember being told at parent teacher school night that I clearly didn't read enough. My parents were there and had a good chuckle at that one.


At the moment I am mostly reading science fiction/fantasy/dystopian future type books and I review for the amazing website Fantasy Faction at www.fantasy-faction.com and also The Fantasy Hive.


My philosophy on reading a book for the first time is this


“One should absorb the colour of life, but one should never remember its details.”

― Oscar Wilde

I love nothing better than a book that takes me on an adventure and makes me feel like I'm watching a film. As kids we are so often taught the only reason for reading is memorising a text book for an exam. We start to read each word...by....word...trying.....to.....remember....everything, when in fact we should be skating through a story letting ourselves go with the Authors and our own imagination, never stopping to look back.  You can always read a book a second time, in fact, I get almost as much pleasure from the second reading as I do from the first.




E-Mail: areadingmachine@gmail.com and follow me on twitter at @areadingmachine

Dark Age by Pierce Brown

October 2, 2019

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